Sweden, Norway 2018


GALLOK is a documentary directed by Truls Andersen.  The film tells the story about Tor Tourda a nature photographer  who fights against the plans of mineral exploitation in northern Sweden. Delegate producer is Tellemontage AB/ Deep Sea Productions, Sweden. Relation04 Media AS is Norwegian coproducer.
Producer: Tell Aulin.
Coproducer: Karl Emil Rikardsen

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Son of the Sun

Sweden, Norway  2017

Director: Gunilla Bresky
Starring: Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, Åsa Simma, Synnöve Persen, Baron Paakkunainen

DoP: Dan Jåma
Editor: Rachel Andersen Gomez.
Composer: Seppo "Baron" Paakkunainen

Executive producer: Katja Härkönen
Coproducer: Knut Skoglund, Relation04 Media
Producer: Anna Björk, Giraff Film

Son of the Sun is a  portrait of the sami multitalented artist Nils-Aslak Valkeapää (1943-2001). Born into  a family of reindeer herders, holding a Finnish passport, Valkeapää is regarded among the most important sami artists ever. He modernized the traditional Joik-music, he was an author,  painter and  actor. He was awarded the Nordic Council Litterature Prize. He got the Prix Italia for his "Birdsymphony". He composed the music for the oscarnominated film "The Pathfinder" in which he also acted. 



Ireland, Canada, Norway 2016

Director: Risteard O´ Domhnaill
Camera: Inge Wegge, Risteard O´Domhnaill
Music: Per A. Martinsen (Love OD Communications) mfl
Sound design and mix: Rune Hansen (Aurora Filmlyd)
Grading: Niclas Horne
Coproducer Norway: Karl Emil Rikardsen (Relation04 Media)
Coproducer Canada: Jill Knox Gosse (Wreckhouse Productions/Odd Sock Films)
Producer Ireland: Marie-Therese Garvey (Greater Than Ten Miles),  Risteard O´ Domhnaill (Scannáin Inbhear/Inver Films)

Atlantic follows the fortunes of three small fishing communities - in Ireland, Norway and Newfoundland – which are at turns united and divided by the Atlantic Ocean. In recent times, mounting challenges within their own industries, the fragile environment, and the lure of high wages for young fishermen on the oil rigs have seen these fishing communities struggle to maintain their traditional way of life.

As the oil majors push into deeper water and further into the Arctic, and the world’s largest fishing companies chase the last great Atlantic shoals, the impact on coastal communities and the ecosystems they rely on is reaching a tipping point. Atlantic tells three very personal stories of those who face the devastating prospect of having their livelihoods taken from them, and their communities destroyed both environmentally and economically. 

Men´s Choice

Russia,  Finland, Norway 2014

Director: Elena Demidova
Sound design: Rune Hansen
Coproducer: Karl Emil Rikardsen (Relation04 Media)
Producer: Vlad Ketkovitch (Ethnogeographic Research Foundation)

This film tells  three stories about men extracting natural gas on the Yamal Peninsula. They are forced to leave their families for a long time to be able to support them. For all of them working in Gazprom is the only opportunity to earn real money because there is no high paid job in their hometowns so they are forced to leave their families for a long time to be able to support them. One day they have to decide whether earned money is worth all the problems with families. Each of them makes his own choice.

The Tundra Tale (Die Hûter der Tundra)

Germany, Norway 2013

Director: René Harder
DoP: Dan Jåma
Sound recorders: Rune Hansen, Ghassan Al Zabri, Nathan Berry
Editor: Anika Simon
Coproducer: Karl Emil Rikardsen (Relation04 Media)
Producer: Carl Ludwig Rettinger (Lichtblick)

Way up in the far northwest of the Russian Tundra lies the picturesque village of Krasnoschchelye. Its inhabitants, indigenous Sámi people, live from the ancient tradition of reindeer husbandry. Once a year the reindeer herders are celebrated for their labors in a festival that features a reindeer sleigh race where they can display their skills. But the kolkhoz is insolvent and it looks like the festival might have to be cancelled – a symbol of the Sámi tradition and culture in Russia, currently threatened with extinction. 30 year old Sasha, a member of the newly founded Sámi parliament in Russia fights for the festival and the survival of her village.