3 Festivals in June

The Arctic Camels is one of six films nominated for the Estonian People' s Award  at Pärnu International Film Festival. The festival takes place in the city of Pärnu on June 24-30th. In addition to this festival, the film was selected to the 59th Zlin International Film Festival in Zlin, Czech Republic. This is the largest and oldest filmfestival in the world, dedicated to films for a younger audience. The third festival this month was the Cinema in Sneakers Youth Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland.

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The Arctic Camels at Bertha Doc House in London

The Arctic Camels will be screened at Bertha Dochouse in London from 17th May 2019. To read more, follow this link


Two films selected for TIFF 2019

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“The Arctic Camels” and “Gallok” were both selected for Tromsø International Festival´s FILMs FROM THE NORTH section for 2019.

This will be the first festival appearance for “The Arctic Camels” (director Karl Emil Rikardsen), only a month before the Norwegian Cinema release on 22 February.

In addition to The Arctic Camels, the festival also selected “Gallok” (director: Truls Andersen). This film premiered at the Swedish festival Tempo Filmfestival almost a year ago.

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New Flyer ready for Cannes

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 Cannes Film Festival - 2018


The Arctic Camels at doc corner

The Arctic Camels will be presented as work in progressduring the Norwegian Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival´s Doc Corner on May 14. 

Torarin (10) and his sister Svalin live on an island as far north as you can go in Norway. When they ask for a horse to ride, their parents buy two mongolian camels. But they don't know how to train them for riding. Therefore the family takes on an expedition to the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, searching for a camel trainer who will accept an invitation to come to Norway to train their arctic camels. And they have success. But they were not prepared for mongolian training methods on the Arctic Camels.

This cinema documentary for a family audience tells a unique, visual and exotic story about relationships between children, adults, animals and cultures. A story you never saw before.  

The Arctic Camels is a feature length documentary, directed by Karl Emil Rikardsen,  produced by Relation04 Media (Norway) and coproduced with Toolbox Films (Denmark) and Giraff Film (Sweden). Expected cinema release in Norway will be in February 2019. 

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Son of the Sun and Atlantic selected for Tromsø

Opening "films from the north"

Atlantic to Norway´s largest filmfest

Son of the Sun, directed by Gunilla Bresky, has been selected as opening film at the  Films from the North section at Tromso International Filmfestival.  This will be the world premiere of Bresky´s portrait of the sami multitalented artist Nils-Aslak Valkeapää (1943-2001). But it is certainly not Breskys first appearance at this festival. Several of her previous films have had great success there. Her previous film I Stop Time won the Don Quixote Prize in 2014.



Title: Son of the Sun
Original title: Solens Son
Nationalities: Sweden/Norway
Director: Gunilla Bresky
Starring: Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, Åsa Simma, Synnöve Persen, Baron Paakkunainen

DoP: Dan Jåma
Editor: Rachel Andersen Gomez.
Composer: Seppo "Baron" Paakkunainen

Executive producer: Katja Härkönen
Coproducer: Knut Skoglund, Relation04 Media
Producer: Anna Björk, Giraff Film

Tromso International Filmfestival will be the 34th international festival appearance for Atlantic since February 2016. This is director Risteard  O´Domhnaill´s second international film, following  the multiaward winning  The Pipe from 2010. 

Atlantic tells the story of three local communities, connected as well as divided by the Atlantic Ocean. The film goes deep into the stories of how we are exploiting the resources of the ocean and how this affects the people living around it.


Title: Atlantic
Nationalities: Ireland, Canada, Norge
Director: Risteard  O´Domhnaill

Starring:: Bjørnar Nicolaysen, Jerry Earle, Charlie Kane
Narrator: Brendan Gleeson
Editor: Nigel Regan
Soundeditor: Rune Hansen,  Aurora Filmlyd
Composer: Per Martinsen
Grading: Nicolas Horne
Producers: Risteard  O´Domhnaill, Marie-Therese Garvey, Jill Knox-Gosse, Lynne Wilson, Karl Emil Rikardsen.



NFI supports The Arctic Camels

Norwegian Film Institute announced on May 4, an additional support to The Arctic Camels with  1,2MNOK (128 430 euros). The institute has now supported the film with a total of 1,5MNOK (160 537 euros).   Kristine Ann Skaret (Documentary Film Consultant at NFI) writes: 

"Two Arctic camels on the windswept northern Norwegian coast is a fascinating sight. This story is exotic and philosophical, close and character driven. In the film we will both get conveyed Norwegian culture and experience a completely alien world through two pairs of young eyes. (...) Visually, this has the potential to be grand. I think this is a movie that will have great attraction value as a film for the whole family both at home, and on the international market. Director Karl Emil Rikardsen has experience with films both about and for children and animals, and has a solid co-production team around him. "

Best irish documentary at ADIFF

Best Irish Documentary 2016

Best Irish Documentary 2016

"Atlantic" won 'Best Irish Documentary' at the Dublin International Film Festival 2016.  "Atlantic", directed by Risteard O´ Domhnaill, is a coproduction between Ireland, Canada and Norway. It follows the fortunes of three small fishing communities - in Ireland, Norway and Newfoundland – which are at turns united and divided by the Atlantic Ocean.   In recent times, mounting challenges within their own industries, the fragile environment, and the lure of high wages for young fishermen on the oil rigs have seen these fishing communities struggle to maintain their traditional way of life. The Norwegian staff members are: Rune Hansen (Sound design), Inge Wegge (camera and aerials),  Niclas Horne (grading) and Knut Erik Evensen (dcp).

CREATIVE EUROPE supports The arctic camels 

Creative Europe supports the development of THE ARCTIC CAMELS. That means the development budget has been realized as The Norwegian Film Institute and The North Norwegian Film Centre already have given their support.

In their support letter, Creative Europe writes: The story is fascinating, with creative and dramatic potential. It highlights cultural differences and has universal values. The journey is a magnificent opportunity to perceive the strength of the landscape that are part of the story. The project is targeted for children and families and can generate the interest of international distributors and broadcasters with adventure, nature, animals and human relationships programs. The exposition of the idea is supported by extensive research. All the strategies are well thought over in detail, the financing strategy is realistic and the applicant has good chances to generate interest of European production partners and get the production off the ground. It is a high quality proposal

arctic camels AT cinekid

THE ARCTIC CAMELS  were pitched at the Cinekid Junior Co-production Market in Amsterdam on October 22.  Only two of the selected projects were documentaries. And the only documentary among the selected feature film projects were THE ARCTIC CAMELS. 

The day after the pitch for a professional audience, we were invited to pitch before an expert audience of English speaking children age 6-10. Lots of very goo advices from the experts, and a promise from everyone of them, that they will watch the film when it will be screened at a cinema nearby.

Best Feature documentary at big sky, montana

Siblings Are Forever was awarded Best Feature Documentary at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Missoula, Montana USA.



SIBLINGS ARE FOREVER won the Audience Award at Watch Docs Film Festival in Warsaw


SIBLINGS ARE FOREVER won three awards at Film Festival Della Lessinia in Italy on August 31. These where The Audience Award, The Prize from the jury of inmates at Verona Prison  and The Best Film.

The Audience Prize

The Audience Prize

Best Film

Best Film

The Prize form the Jury of Inmates at Verona Prison

The Prize form the Jury of Inmates at Verona Prison

SIBLINGS ARE FOREVER nominated for  Amanda 

Siblings are Forever is one of five Norwegian films nominated for The Audience Award at Amanda,  the Norwegian Academy Awards. This is the only documentary among the nominees. The winner will be annonced on Saturday August 16.


Support for Gàllok



North Norwegian Film Center, by commissioning editor Jesper Bergom Larson, supports "Gàllok", a documentary directed by Truls Andersen, with NOK 200.000,-. In addition, the SNN Cultural Foundation has supported the film with NOK 100.000,. The documentary tells the story about Tor Tourda who fights against the plans of mineral exploitation in northern Sweden. Director is Truls Andersen. Delegate producer is Tellemontage AB, Sweden. Relation04 Media AS is Norwegian coproducer.


Siblings Are Forever has receieved a Norwegian TV Award Nomination

Siblings Are Forever has receieved a Norwegian TV Award Nomination

THE NORWEGIAN TV AWARD (GULLRUTEN): Siblings Are Forever, directed by Frode Fimland, has received a nomination as Best TV Documentary.  The winner will be announced at the annual TV show on May 9.

THE INDUSTRY AWARD (KANONPRISEN):  The editors Anders Teigen and Marius Smit has receievd nominations  for their work on Siblings Are Forever.


Best rated on TV2

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672.000 saw SIBLINGS ARE FOREVER (Søsken til evig tid) on TV2, the 26th of December 2013. That made it the best rated documentary in 2013 on TV2, and the third best rated documentary on the channel ever.

CINEMA: Best since 2007


SIBLINGS ARE FOREVER (SØSKEN TIL EVIG TID) is the most  popular Norwegian documentary on cinema since 2007. More than 40.000 saw the film in cinemas all over the country.

BIFF: Audience Award


SIBLINGS ARE FOREVER (Søsken til evig tid) won the Audience Award at  BERGEN INTERNAITONAL FILMFESTIVAL (BIFF) 2013. The pize of NOK 75.000 was donated by Filmweb.  26 international feature films of all genres were nominated to the prize.