Karl Emil Rikardsen

Karl Emil Rikardsen is producer, director and manager of Relation04 Media AS. He is educated in media from Volda University College (1986).
Selected titles:  The Arctic Camels (director/producer), Atlantic (coproducer), Gallok (coproducer),  A Grandmother´s Bank (producer/ director), Siblings are Forever (producer), Salt & Pepper (director, cinematographer), Mogul Girls 2 (director, cinematographer), Mogul Girls (director), Reindeer at war (producer, codirector), Herleik-Fre as the bird (director).


Knut Skoglund works as producer at Relation04 Media AS.  His experience in the filmindustry goes back to 1985 when he made his first Cinema Direct short documentary.  The last 15 years he has worked as producer of documentaries, shorts and feature films.
Selected titles: Algiers by night, Every Song a Story, August Fools, Gzim Rewind, Mad Ship, Somewhere else in Sweden ,  Rare Exports.